Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New World Writing

I have been having a good bit of fun with a really old and yellowed paperback from my library with poems and short stories and other sorts of bits considered on the breaking edge back in 1968.  Funny. 

Also, I move slowly through the Eddie Condon "We Called it Music" autobiographical account of jazz in the 20's and 30's   Great stories in this book.  Plenty of funny anecdotes.  How he remembers all the details amazes me.  Jim and I were talking about it today.  Jim gave me some of his music and got me turned on to him.   It is fine to be home again and to indulge Ray Smith's show whenever I want.

More good responses to my trip report snippets.  Quite a bit of interest in the Shades of Sinatra show and quite a few people looking for some intelligent discussion of booking frugally downtown.  One fellow likes my posts so much he offered to use his comps at the Blue Chip casino to give me two free nights anytime I visit Chicago.  Now that is generous.

My poker game is still pretty good.  I made a bit of $$ at Greg's.  I hope I can keep up playing well and not slip into bad habits.  Vegas and poker almost everyday is quite a tutorial.